Delegating Denver #23 of 56: Maine

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Number of Delegates: 34 Pledged: 24 Unpledged: 10

How to Recognize a Maine Delegate: Most Americans' perception of Maine starts at the Discount Outlet Stores in Kittery and ends at the parking lot of the Discount Outlet Stores in Freeport. This sixty-mile stretch of U.S. Highway 1 is lined with hotels, fried-clam shacks, renovated fishing villages and yacht clubs. It's wicked with "flatlanders." The area is seldom visited by the real "Mainah," who lives in a trailer that’s built under a "roof-over" and surrounded by a dozen outbuildings in varying stages of construction and decay. Outside of Portland, most Mainers spend their day hauling things in trucks or trailers. Sometimes boats are used as trailers to haul things. Sometimes boats are used to haulboats. Typically, the only stops that Mainers make during the day are at the gas station, the grocery store and the auto body repair shop. Or they'll ditch their entire rig if they think they see some good fiddleheads. The one thing that brings all Mainers together, however, is L.L. Bean. It's not just a store here; it's a way of life. The homegrown retailer specializes in making clothing that offers the perfect protection from the state's unique climate, whether it's the snow swarms of a Nor'eastah, or the black-fly-and-mosquito blizzards of July. Maine delegates will hit the streets of Denver wearing their distinct LaCrosse AlphaBurly Sport 800 Insulated boots, washable year-round wool pants and microfiber blazers.

Famous Mainers: Scary author Stephen King; scary actors Linda Lavin, Patrick Dempsey and Judd Nelson; scary musician Juliana Hatfield; prickly comedienne Andrea Martin; singer-songwriters Howie Day and Patty Griffin; alleged hophead and lesbian pioneer Sarah Orne Jewett.

Famous Maine Democrats: U.S. senator and 58th U.S. Secretary of State Edmund Muskie; U.S. senator, 17th U.S. Senate Majority Leader and MLB steroid investigator George J. Mitchell; 73rd Maine governor John Baldacci.

Famous Mainers With Denver Connections: Co-executive director of the Colorado Progressive Coalition Bill Vandenberg; KOA talk-show wingnut "Gunny" Bob Newman; Maybellines guitarist Mike Levasseur.

State Nickname: the Pine Tree State, the Lumberjack State (official); the End of America State, the Roof-over State, the Nothing in Nowhere State (unofficial) Population: 1,321,574 Racial Distribution: 96% white, 1% black, 1% Asian, 1% Hispanic Per Capita Personal Income: $28,831 Unemployment: 5.1%

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Sean Cronin