Delegating Denver #9 of 56: Delaware

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Total Number of Delegates: 23 Pledged: 15 Unpledged: 8

How to Recognize a Delaware Delegate: The Quakers who ruled Pennsylvania originally wanted to annex Delaware to expand Philadelphia's southern suburbs, but the Catholics in Maryland refused to let them. While these two states bickered, the Methodists rushed in and created their own earthly paradise. Their history is flush with many national "firsts." First state to sign the Constitution, first John Deere tractor, first Christmas Seals and, in 1880, first Miss United States beauty pageant, with Thomas Edison as a judge! And while never famous for their cooking, their potluck leftovers were the inspiration for a local scientist working at the DuPont Chemical Company to perfect the first cellophane food-storage bag. Today's Delawareans certainly have come a long way, but they still dress like Methodists! In this spirit of practicality, look for Delaware delegates to be dressed in outfits purchased from brand-name retailers in factory-outlet malls. Females prefer non-binding slacks and dressy sweatshirts trimmed in reasonable decorative cheeriness, while males prefer shirts and slacks that can be purchased in multiples for under twenty dollars. Don't look for delegates wearing last year's fashions in last year's colors; instead, look for them to be wearing clothes that were never considered fashionable in the first place, in colors ranging from dark blue to charcoal.

Famous Delawareans: Juvie-lit master Howard Pyle; maneuver-inventor Henry Heimlich; Pierre S. du Pont I, II, III & IV; bad-ass actor Ryan Phillippe; bad actor Judge Reinhold; bad actress Valerie Bertinelli; actors Elisabeth and Andrew Shue; bluesman George Thorogood; and baseballer John Mabry.

Famous Delaware Democrats: 2008 presidential candidate Joe Biden; Delaware Attorney General and JAG captain Beau Biden.

Famous Delawareans With Denver Connections: Pioneer Denver & Rio Grande Railroad builder William Jackson Palmer; the Molson Coors Brewing Company is a registered Delaware Corporation.

State Nickname: The First State (official), Small Wonder (unofficial) Population: 853,476 Racial Distribution: 69% white, 21% black, 3% Asian, 1% Native American, 6% Hispanic Per Capita Personal Income: $33,125 Unemployment: 4%

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Sean Cronin