Demaryius Thomas's Twitter profile photo.
Demaryius Thomas's Twitter profile photo.

Demaryius Thomas on Twitter: Broncos receiver's tweets get dull after X-ray tweet

The biggest problem for athletes on Twitter: If they write anything remotely interesting, it causes a shit storm.

As a result, NFL tweeters mostly settle for tapping out bland notes about as scintillating as a potential matchup between the New Orleans Saints and the West Middle School Wolverines.

That's the trajectory being followed by Denver's top draft pick, Demaryius Thomas, whose Twitter juxtaposition of a reference to an X-ray on his injured foot and the one-word comment "Sad" has caused blind panic among the Nervous Nellies of Broncos Nation.

The Denver Post describes the situation like so: On Monday, Thomas tweeted, "Bout 2 to get some xrays!" Then, a couple of hours later, he entered the word "Sad," leading readers to presume that he was commenting on what the X-rays had shown.

Two days later, amid speculation on message boards like this one, Thomas removed those tweets, which only jacked up concern higher. That's likely why a Broncos "source" felt compelled to reassure the Post's Mike Klis that there was nothing "sad" about Thomas's X-rays.

And nothing intriguing about the three tweets Thomas sent out on Tuesday. They read:

Working to get back! 12:04 PM May 25th

Beautiful day in denver... nice out and having a good day... 1:14 PM May 25th

Wishing my mother was here 2 see this beautiful place, and see her son working hard out here in denver.. 1:23 PM May 25th

Thomas's Twitter feed has been silent since then, which is probably a good idea under the circumstances, if ultra-boring. Maybe he needs to take some tweeting lessons from J.R. Smith and Ty Lawson.


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