Dems Come Out Swinging!

With Howard Dean in town today to start the one-year countdown to the 2008 Democratic National Convention, I can finally reveal the secret that swung the DNC in this city’s direction:


Through an odd set of circumstances, last June I wound up staying late after a press event held at the Fort for the DNC scouting crew, who were checking out Denver as well as the other cities still in the running for the Democrats’ 2008 convention: Minneapolis/St. Paul and New York City, with New Orleans already having bowed out. Do not say a bad word about those other cities, I was warned by the anonymous booster who invited me to stay for dinner if I told entertaining stories. But hey, some people like giant mosquitos, as I pointed out to the DNC crew. And in fact, the Republicans decided to go to buggy over Minnesota, which soon removed that option from the mix. And while that same week New York wined and dined the DNC committee with more celebrities at one banquet than Colorado could scrounge up in a decade of airport landings in Aspen, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s reluctance to cough up cash seemed to seal that city’s fate.

But really, Denver already had the deal sewn up. With swingers.

In order to avoid even mentioning any burg east of the Mississippi, over dinner I concentrated all conversation solely on fascinating facts about this city. The 300 days of sunshine. The invention of the cheeseburger. And then this: Denver has the highest per capita number of swinger clubs in the country. (We’d just documented this – and the hot, hot competition between the clubs – in a Westword cover story.)

Take that, Minnesota.

I can’t be absolutely certain that sexy, sexy stat alone sold the DNC on Denver, or whether the round of gunpowder-whiskey shots – with that stunning night-time view overlooking Denver as a chaser -- did the trick.

I only know that at 12:30 p.m. today, Dean will kick off the celebration that marks the next twelve months as all about Demver.

And on Friday, the Sugar House – the latest club from Denver’s most controversial swingers – is slated to open in town. Coincidence?

I don’t think so. -- Patricia Calhoun

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