"Hey! I'm not ready for my closeup!"
"Hey! I'm not ready for my closeup!"

Denver Blogs: Charlie Sheen case more fun than running for Congress

We're back with our week-daily roundup of Denver bloggery. Did you miss us?

The Colorado Independent's David O. Williams speculates that 9th Judicial District Attorney Martin Beeson was too busy with high-profile cases involving the likes of actor Charlie Sheen to challenge John Salazar in the 3rd Congressional District. It'd be like running against two-and-a-half men.

Denver Stiffs' Andrew Feinstein says the Nuggets were haunted last night by the ghost of Allen Iverson. Although I think reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated...

As part of Denver PR Blog's 2010 predictions, I suggest that during the next year, "Westword will cease publication and become a medical-marijuana dispensary." We'd sure appreciate your business.


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