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Reader: The Most Brain-Dead Talk in Colorado Is About the Broncos

Broncos training camp started again this week.
Broncos training camp started again this week.
On July 28, the Denver Broncos welcomed back fans to UCHealth Training Center in Dove Valley for the first of fifteen open training-camp practices. And just the day before, AM 760, an iHeartMedia station, flipped its format to Orange & Blue Radio, which will be "all Broncos, all the time." But some readers think that already describes the Denver media...and Denver residents in general.
Says Max: The most brain-dead conversation in Colorado is talking about the Broncos. God, I love the spring and early summer; I get to have real conversations. The sheep love being distracted by donkey talk the rest of the year. I'm a Denver native and I used to love the Broncos, but now football is too mainstream and commercialized. Everyone in Colorado is a Bronco fan; that's pathetic. Get a is a distraction, nothing more.
Responds Shea:
I'm not 100 percent sure, but I heard the Broncos and NFL are also entertainment. Almost as if that's what it was meant to be.
Adds Jason: 
Really, it's just a sport, and people take it as seriously as politics. I simply can't bring my brain down that far to get it. It's just a bunch of overpaid athletes throwing a ball; I doubt you people pay as much attention to things of actual importance in life.
And then there's this from Joe:
 People have many different passions — Science, art, music, sports, etc....Sorry your brain can't figure that out.
What do you think of this city's response to the Broncos? Keep reading for some of our coverage of the team...and the fans.

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