Denver Broncos' opening-day starter: Ingle Martin?

Coming in to the 2009 season, the Denver Broncos seemed set at the quarterback position. (Pause for peals of laughter.) Now, things are considerably more unsettled -- sort of like passengers on the Titanic. As you may have heard,

Jay Cutler is gone

; Kyle Orton, the man traded from Chicago for Sweet Baby Jay,

has a finger that's barely attached to his hand at this point

(and it didn't work all that well when it was); his backup, Chris Simms is recovering from a left-ankle sprain; and

third-stringer Tom Brandstater

is a rookie who seems about as ready to start a regular-season NFL game under center as Nick Jonas. Which brings us to

Ingle Martin, picked up off of Kansas City's scrap heap last week

. As seen in the video above, Martin was drafted by Green Bay in a selection so exciting that it took place during an Olive Garden ad -- but ESPN commentators Mel Kiper Jr. had nice things to say about his career at Furman, where he transferred after it became clear he wouldn't start at Florida. Chris Mortensen added that Martin obviously loved football, since he called him back during his honeymoon.

Martin's honeymoon with Broncos fans will be mighty brief if he's the starting quarterback in a couple of weeks. After all, a lot of us already feel like we were left at the altar.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.