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Reader: Von Miller Was the Best of the Broncos

Denver fans will miss Von Miller.
Denver fans will miss Von Miller. NFL via YouTube
The Denver Broncos take on the Dallas Cowboys at 11 a.m. today, and the team will be doing it without Von Miller, just traded to the L.A. Rams. But at least he's going to a championship contender.

Although a possible trade of the high-priced player and former Super Bowl MVP had been rumored for months, in their comments on the Westword Facebook post of the news, fans still lament the loss...and the sorry state of the Broncos in general. Says Suzanne: 
He was the best of the Broncos. Can't believe this!
Adds Nick: 
Oh no! A great player got traded to a Super Bowl-contending team! Sucks for him!
Suggests Dusty:
Now he's living the Von Miller High Life.
Suggests Terry:
By the time we get this team turned around, he'd retire so might as well get some draft picks for him. The deal sounds like a win-win win.
Wonders Michael:
Michael Roberts, seriously? Ignominious? How and to whom is this humiliating or degrading? And you had to make the investigation that led to no charges central to your piece (of…)? While a football/business decision, what better way to show respect and gratitude than trading him to a legitimate contender?
Concludes Zelda:
Instead of getting rid of bad coaches, they get rid of good players. Not the best strategy for winning games.
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