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Reader: DPD Wants to Wash Its Hands of Other Agencies' Actions? Unacceptable.

Reader: DPD Wants to Wash Its Hands of Other Agencies' Actions? Unacceptable.
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Protesters have insisted that law enforcement authorities at the protests have used flash-bang devices. The Denver mayor's office and the Denver Police Department have repeatedly denied that — but as Conor McCormick-Cavanagh discovered, at least thirteen other agencies are working with the DPD at the protests, but they're not following the DPD's own use-of-force policy that calls for "less lethal" munitions.

The Adams County Sheriff's Department, for example, has definitely used flash-bang grenades at the protests, a spokesman admits. And while McCormick-Cavanagh has asked other agencies what weapons they've used, the DPD can't answer that question.

Says Douglas: 
This is bullshit. If the City of Denver wants these outside forces to operate in their city, they have to require them to operate by the City of Denver's guidelines, plain and simple. Otherwise, they are simply being willfully negligent and endorsing operations and use of force that in many ways directly contradict what they lay out as appropriate or even legal. And now they want to wipe their hands of it? Completely unacceptable. Anyone involved in the decision-making within the Denver Police Department and City hierarchy that permitted this should be held legally accountable. 
Responds Jim: 
Maybe they should ban all conventional weapons of war, and leave only nukes. Sarcasm, BTW.
Suggests Frank: 
Why are cops using flash-bang devices, and not masks? The most lethal weapon of all could be COVID-19. Let's see what happens in a few weeks.
Adds Joe: 
Denver and state leadership have indicated it is important that people cover their mouth and nose with a non-medical mask if they expect to be within six feet of someone else. It is understood that this is done to protect others, not necessarily oneself. As protectors of the public, why aren’t 100 percent of police officers wearing masks to protect the protesters?
Comments Bruce: 
Police officers have felt they have the power to do whatever they wish, and it is about time we start sticking up for those who cannot defend themselves. If you feel that the police department has taken a tremendous hit by this, then you are part of the problem as well. You've never worked in law enforcement. I have. You've never seen firsthand how the power can corrupt. I have and I have seen officers abuse this power too many times. Are there good apples? Of course but the bad apples are the ones who influence everyone around them.

We are there to protect and serve, not to create oppression or violence on those we swore to protect.
Late on June 5, a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order preventing the use of any projectiles or chemical weapons against any law enforcement agencies.

What do you think of the police response to protests this week? The judge's order? Post a comment or email [email protected]
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