Reader: Why Do Denver Workers Deserve a Bonus for Doing Their Civic Duty?

Reader: Why Do Denver Workers Deserve a Bonus for Doing Their Civic Duty?
Brandon Marshall
On October 25, Denver City Council will vote on a proposal to provide a $400 bonus to every city worker who's fully vaccinated — or has gotten a religious exemption.

The bonus was proposed by Mayor Michael Hancock, who in August announced that every Denver worker must be fully vaccinated by September 30; most complied. And this week, a council committee approved sending the bonus proposal on to the full council for a vote.

But readers aren't waiting to register their own thoughts on the Westword Facebook post about the bonus proposal, and most are voting no. Says Steven:
I'm vaccinated and live in Denver. Where is my $400 bonus? This is so unfair. Why do they deserve a bonus for doing their civic duty?
Adds Peter:
So we are spending $5 million in taxes to send money to people for making medical decisions (or for getting exemptions from them)? I thought they were public servants already. So what’s the money for??? I vote NO.
Notes Jeannie:
I'm still kicking myself in the ass for not holding out for a reward.
Wonders Ryan:
Why is Denver City Council using our tax dollars for this?? Just fire those who don't listen. They are public servants, and our tax dollars shouldn't pay for them to do what is required of them. Maybe it's time to find new city council members, since the current ones are a joke.
Concludes George: 
I'd support Westword financially if I were allowed to comment on stories: e.g., $400 to Denver employees for getting a COVID shot. Yeah, just like the rest of us who work for a living.
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