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Denver Cruiser Ride: City officially proclaims Wednesdays "Bike Night in Denver"

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Denver Cruiser Ride release:
Bigger, crazier, and even more costumey. The Denver Cruiser Ride matures and becomes a city-wide party on two wheels.

With an eight-year history of fun on bikes, the Denver Cruiser Ride morphs into a city-wide bike party. On May 15th, 2013 - the 20 week, two-wheeled bike party will evolve into Denver Bike Night -- still a frivolous combination of costumed themes and fun on bicycles; thousands of individuals will descend on the city's streets this summer to take part in what will continue to be one of Denver's signature bicycle-oriented events.

Wacky themes are part the social lubricant and include -- Bubble Wrap and Duct Tape; Redneck Yacht Club; and Where the is Waldo? -- costumed riders will gather from points across the city to be part of this weekly bike party. In 2012, some 40,000+ riders joined in and became part of what is considered to be funnest thing to do on two wheels -- and making Denver home to the largest weekly bicycle gathering on the globe. "This is the 'On Switch' for summer in Denver," says Brad K. Evans, host of Denver Bike Nights.

With a newly minted, city-backed proclamation in their hands designating every Wednesday (May 15 to Sept. 25) as "Denver Bike Night," the organizers of the Denver Cruiser Ride have devoted their time spreading their brand of bike love across city. These weekly bike parties will become part of the fabric of the metro area community, and this official acknowledgement will only expand Denver's universe as one of America's premiere bicycling cities. The Denver Mayor's Office, the city's Public Works Department and the Office of Sustainability have all joined in to support this proclamation. "With this kind of official support, it will bring with it international attention to the Mile High City as a bicycle-friendly destination," says Evans.

Part of the lure of Denver Bike Night is the infamous "Circle of Death." Ominous in name only, these bike parties have become something of legend. Like moths drawn to a light, riders gather in parks, cul-de-sacs and under highway viaducts; with part concert, part food truck festival and yes, bicycles -- all desgined to engage and entertain. Each week a secret location will be announced via the Denver Bike Night app and promoted on social media -- with some 19,000+ on Facebook, Twitter and opt-in email list.

Safe riding habits are a critical goal, and a companion website will be launched in mid-May ( "Everyone should be aware of the rules and regulations for bicycles," says Brad K. Evans, of "The goal of this website is to provide access to info so that individuals have the tools necessary to educate and protect themselves and their bikes." 1000s of bikes are stolen in downtown Denver each year -- "thwarting thieves from jacking your ride is critical to our plan." Additionally, DPD and DBN have teamed up to raise funds in an effort to provide 5,000 sets of bicycle lights this summer. "We believe that education is the best approach when dealing with the cycling community," says Denver District 6 Police Commander, Tony Lopez. This website will be an ongoing part of that effort.

Costumes? Bicycles? Free Bicycle Lights? Summer must be just around the corner in Denver!

"Photos: Denver Cruisers' hilarious April Fools' theme schedule -- and the real thing" Published April 2, 2013

Each year around this time, the Denver Cruisers announce ride themes for the rest of the year. But yesterday's list was wacky even by the group's standards -- unless you were expecting a concept built around "Skid Marks & Seamen Stains."

April Fools! The Cruisers subsequently posted the actual theme list -- but we thought the joke one was too funny to forget. Look below to see our photo illustrations of the April Fools' version, as well as the real thing.

April Fools' list: May 16 -- Shopping Carts & Sleeping Bags Real list: May 15 -- Hi Ho Silver April Fools' list: May 22 -- What Smells Like Piss? Real list: May 22 -- Under The Sea Continue for more of the Denver Cruiser's hilarious April Fools' theme schedule -- and the real thing.
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