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Denver Drivers' Biggest Pet Peeves According to Our Facebook Friends

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We recently asked our Facebook friends about a topic that's particularly timely on a snowy, school-closing day like today: driving in Denver.

Specifically, we invited folks to share their biggest Denver-area driving pet peeves.

And you definitely came through.

Look below to see a selection of your responses, capped by an item included just for fun.

Lynne Van Bebber Rerucha writes:

Still and always -people talking on the phone or texting-they think they're doing just fine but they are incredibly & dangerously easy to spot! Hands free means nothing cuz it also still means brain-free & we all need all our marbles to drive!!!!

Jesse Bell writes:

I agree, left lane idiots are the worst.

Sarah Whalen writes:

People that block intersections and run red lights are the worst.

Shelly Meyer writes:

People who think it's okay to keep doing the speed limit in the snow and ice. Four wheel drive does not mean four wheel stop. SLOW DOWN!!!!

Bradley Langston writes:

Nobody's turn signals seen to work. And I'm tired of guessing which way they are going.

Tami Gibson writes:

How about the ppl who merge too slowly, hello! Upon entering traffic going 65, dont expect a 40 mph merge be smooth! Duh!

Richard King writes:

What amuses me is when idiots burst a blood vessel because I'm in the left lane going the speed limit to pass someone going under the limit.
It's not incumbent on me to risk a speeding ticket just so you can get to your prostate exam 1 minute sooner.

Bret Kantola writes:

Driving on I-70 into the mountains I find the right lane is often completely empty as most drivers use the center and left lane. It seems very few understand proper flow. If you did this on the Autobahn or Autostrada, you would be hit or at the least ticketed.

Martin V. KnifeChief writes:

Really?? Most of those people are going ten or even twenty OVER the speed limit! is that ok? Really the worst thing is drivers who suddenly change lanes right off your bumper with no signal!! The other is...waiting for the light to change.

Brannon O'flaherty writes:

The problem is all the damn people moving here. I am a native my family been here since 1889 Golden area. The traffic problem is Denvers local roadways werent not built to go from common city roadways to Metropolis rat race! If your new to this state please tell your family and friends Colorado sucks! On average 10,000 people move to Colorado a month soon it will be Calirado! Just to be abused like Detroit!

Zack Judish writes:

Californians and Texans are my biggest pet peeve in Denver.

Pickle-Wix Web Design writes:

It is terrifying that so many drivers are looking at their phone instead of driving. My elderly neighbor just was t-boned in an accident by a young girl in her 20s who admitted she was looking at her phone and NOT the road, causing the accident.

Doug Sunada writes:

It's Idiot Drivers that feel that they own the road, what I see is drivers throw the rule book out the window when they get behind the wheel, but yet they drive way too fast cut in and out of traffic, their mind is out to lunch but they flip the finger to you because its your fault.

DiAnne Stanley Jameson writes:

For too many drivers the speed limit means going over it by as much as they can. When they complain about slow drivers, they are the ones doing the speed limit most of the time.

Paul Germany writes:

I can't stand when I lose signal inside Eisenhower tunnel. Especially when a good song is on. Lol.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.