Denver Drivers' Picks for Top 10 Speed Traps

We recently published a list of the top speed traps in metro Denver according to the Speedtraps.org.

When we shared the post, we asked readers if the site had missed any speed traps they'd seen — or experienced firsthand.

In short order, we got a slew of responses — including a quartet of suggestions from a single reader, who encounters them regularly during his daily commute.

We've selected and ranked ten of the picks below, with the last four coming from the unlucky driver mentioned above. They're accompanied by interactive graphics of the areas near the locations. If you have problems seeing the images, click "View on Google Maps."

Number 10: 14th Street between York and Colorado

Photo van there periodically throughout the week.

Number 9: 7-Eleven at 3rd and Broadway

There is always a [cop] hiding behind the wig store.

Number 8: Brighton into Broadway

Number 7: I-25 and Park Avenue

Number 6: 1st Ave between Downing and University

Photo radar van there every single day

Number 5: 20th & Blake Street

It's a TRUE #SPEEDTRAP! "They" catch you as you're going DOWNHILL toward Wazee & clock you before you reach Blake .... smh.

Numbers 4-1:

I drive the same route to and from work every day. There’s usually a speed van almost every day in one of three locations:

5112 E Yale Avenue. (East Bound Yale between I-25 and Colorado)

30 MPH speed zone, but it’s a four-lane road with a media,n so people are usually going 40 MPH. Usually in the mornings, especially with a bright sun facing drivers, photo van hides behind a large outcrop of trees.

West Bound Yale next to Robert H. McWilliams Park/Yale between University and Colorado

The speed limit drops from 30 to 25. There’s a blind curve and the photo van sits so you can’t see it coming out of the blind curve until it’s too late. Photo van sits there in the afternoon.

University southbound or northbound between Yale and Evans

The speed limit drops from 45 MPH to either 30 or 35. There’s a drop in elevation enough to where if you’re coming off your accelerator from 45 won’t slow down to 30 in time. Photo van usually sits there in the evenings or at night during the winter. Wherever it can find a spot in front of the residential buildings.

Yale between University and Vine Street

There’s a private school there with a speed zone. The speed zone doesn’t have blinking lights or anything. Since the kids all get picked up by their mommy in an Audi or Porsche, no one has any idea there’s a school zone there since children are not visible anywhere. I lived within a mile from that school for over a year and had no idea it was even there until I received a ticket for speeding. If Denver is worried about safety, perhaps they should put blinking yellow lights at school zone signs during active times so people are aware.

I’ve also read these are some of the highest grossing speed ticket van locations....

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