Denver Magazine's closure hits nonprofit events whose tickets were sold through its website

The shutdown of Denver Magazine, whose key assets were acquired by 5280, has caused unexpected headaches for area nonprofits whose events the publication had agreed to sponsor. Take the Young Philanthropists Foundation, whose largest annual fundraiser -- Bash!, a superhero-themed party for kids and adults -- will take place on May 4. Problem is, tickets were being sold through Denver Magazine's website, which no longer exists.

When someone types in DenverMagazine.com now, they're redirected to a landing page with options to learn more about the pub's demise or continue directly to 5280.com. And the ticketing application? It's gone.

This turn of events put a major kink into Bash! marketing, concedes Alexis Boian, executive director of the Young Philanthropists Foundation.

"Part of Denver Magazine's sponsorship included a ticketing module through their website," she notes. That means Denver Magazine collected all information about people who had purchased tickets, as well as the money itself.

Is the cash gone for good? Boian doesn't think so. She's been in touch with Denver Magazine publisher Michael Ledwitz, "and he said, 'We'll get you the records and make sure you're paid,'" she says. "I don't know when that will happen, but they said they would make us whole."

This pledge reassures Boian, who speaks about Denver Magazine in glowing terms. "They were such a philanthropic organization, and they really did incredible stuff to support local nonprofits," she points out.

Even though Boian concedes that Bash! ticket sales lost significant momentum during the 24 hours or so it took to set up a new online payment system, accessible below, she believes the event will be a success anyway.

In her words, "I'm really optimistic that, at minimum, Denver Magazine will honor their commitment to us and we'll recover and do even better than we hoped."

Look below for more information about Bash! from its page on the Young Philanthropist Foundation website.

Bring out your inner superhero at the best party of the year!

May 4, 2011 5:30-7:30pm

RedLine 2350 Araphoe Denver, CO


Superhero Kits for all Kids -- A cape, mask and superhero ID Wall of Justice Silent Auction Super Photo Booth and more...


Adults -- $45 Kids -- $25 (under 3 free) Family 4 Pack -- $115

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