Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche broadcasts moving to Cruisin' Oldies AM 950

As we reported last week (via, Mile High Sports radio will be airing Colorado Avalance and Denver Nugget radio broadcasts on AM 950 this season. The game broadcasts will take priority over the station's regular Cruisin' Oldies format, likely confusing a handful, if not dozens, of people who listen to AM oldies.

A Mile High Sports Radio flak I spoke with said the move prevents regular broadcasts on their flagship FM 104.3 The Fan station from being interrupted by local games. "Say the Avs are playing the Hurricanes at 4:30 p.m. back east," he said. "From a fan's standpoint, they can either listen to the talk program on The Fan or go to the games on 950." Conflicting games will be broadcast on AM 1510 and FM 93.7, he added.

But where will nostalgic baby boomers tune in for their dose of Frankie Valley or The Temptations? How does this move in any way benefit them? Will they have to move over to the *gasp* smooth sounds of Kool 105 FM? I called AM 950 and the guy on air wouldn't speak to it, and calls to the station producer were not immediately returned. We'll update this post as soon as they do.

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William Breathes
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