Denver Nuggets Organization Member Tests Positive for COVID-19

Denver Nuggets Torrey Craig and Michael Porter Jr. during a March 11 match-up with the Dallas Mavericks — the last game played prior to the suspension of the NBA season because of COVID-19.
Denver Nuggets Torrey Craig and Michael Porter Jr. during a March 11 match-up with the Dallas Mavericks — the last game played prior to the suspension of the NBA season because of COVID-19. YouTube
The Denver Nuggets have revealed via Twitter that a member of their organization has tested positive for COVID-19. The thus-far-unnamed individual — the announcement doesn't specify whether the person involved is a player, coach or staff member of another sort — is said to be in self-isolation at this time after experiencing symptoms associated with the virus.

This makes the Nuggets the fourth NBA franchise to be touched by COVID-19. Two Utah Jazz players, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, have confirmed positive tests, as have Detroit Pistons forward Christian Wood, who guarded Gobert in a contest days prior to the season stoppage, and four Brooklyn Nets, most prominently superstar Kevin Durant.

Even without the diagnosis, the Nuggets have been closely associated with the virus. Their March 11 match-up with the Dallas Mavericks in Texas was the last to be completed before the plug was pulled on the NBA season, and it easily qualifies as the most bizarre game in the history of both franchises.

Here's the Nuggets' tweet:
On Thursday, March 19, a member of the Denver Nuggets organization tested positive for COVID-19. The person, who was tested after experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 on March 16, is currently under the care of team medical staff and in self-isolation. The testing was undertaken following guidance from state health officials and team physicians.

The health and safety of our players, our organization, those throughout our league, and all those potentially impacted by this situation is paramount.

The Nuggets will continue to work in coordination with team physicians, public health officials and infectious disease experts, while focusing on the health and safety in our community.
On March 14, Kroenke Sports Entertainment —owner of the Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche and gajillionaire Stan Kroenke's signature company — stated that it would pay part-time and hourly employees put out of work by the cancellation of events over COVID-19 for the next thirty days.

As noted by KSE vice chairman (and Stan's son) Josh Kroenke at the time, "Denver is an incredibly resilient city. We have met tragedies and uncertainty head-on many times before, and we are doing so again now. The impact COVID-19 is having on our health and business communities is unprecedented. We are not health experts. However, we are business and community leaders, and we all have a role to play in helping one another. Please take this threat very seriously for the benefit of yourself and your loved ones, and please regularly check CDC and WHO websites for updates and greater information."

Kroenke added comments that can definitely be applied to the latest development: "It is a very trying time for our tight-knit sports community, but more importantly, for human beings in general. My father and I have personally had many conversations with coaches, players, executives and support staff from our teams and clubs around the world, and it is inspiring to hear the determination to not only get through this difficult period, but also to help and motivate others while doing so. From all of us here at KSE and on behalf of my family, please stay smart, stay safe, and support one another. We look forward to seeing all of our fans back in our venues at the appropriate time!"
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