Denver Post defines "Ecstasy" and "rave," hilarity ensues

Among the many, many funny things that daily newspapers do to cater to their aging audience, this is among the better I've seen in a while. In a story posted Monday to denverpost.com about a Colorado Springs anesthesiologist arrested for dealing ecstasy and pain killers, the Post took the time to define Ecstasy its readers, who the paper apparently believe to be really, really stupid:

"The drugs Grigg is accused of selling include the painkillers Oxycodone and Fentanyl, which Waite described as a powerful substance that is similar to heroin.

The doctor is also accused of distributing Ecstasy, a euphoria-inducing street drug best known for its use at dance parties called "raves."

The story was penned by Colorado Springs Gazette reporter Tom Roeder, although it's entirely possible that the definition was included by a copy editor. Either way, for whoever inserted this little gem of unintentional hilarity, a question: Do you honestly believe it's possible that someone who reads a quite mundane drug story, and manages to make it to the eighth paragraph, is so insulated from the world that they have yet to hear of Ecstasy or raves?

I'm not saying stupid shit like this is killing daily newspapers. There's lots of shit killing daily newspapers, and a lot of that same shit is killing us. I'm just saying, Post people, that your readers aren't nearly as dumb as you think. -- Joe Tone

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