Denver Post editor Greg Moore tweets Charlie Sheen roast & other Post adventures in Twitter

Earlier this month, John Paton was named CEO of MediaNews Group, and his arrival is already having an impact on staffers at the Denver Post, the firm's flagship paper. Paton is a big believer in social media, and we hear his presence has accelerated the Post's use of Twitter by everyone from beat reporters to editor Greg Moore, who last night tweeted Charlie Sheen's roast on Comedy Central.

Moore first opened his Twitter account in March 2010, but after an initial flurry of tweets that month, he sent out missives only occasionally until this past August, at which point his output increased substantially. During that time, he's interspersed tweets about breaking news items and the like with intermittent personal revelations, such as his fondness for Aretha Franklin's music. As for the Charlie Sheen roast, here's his three-tweet take:

Among Post reporters, some, like investigative/projects reporter Eric Gorski, who's built up more than 1,700 followers, have been at it for quite a while and seem to have a good handle on the medium. Others, such as cops/courts/breaking news journo Sara Burnett (75 followers) and general assignment pro John Ingold (52 followers), are just getting started. And while the tweets of many newbies are typically straight-forward and cautious, the more experienced practitioners are starting to show some personality. Take this example from courts/crime reporter Jessica Fender (819 followers): And even though Public Affairs/Metro/Sunday editor Chuck Murphy is a relative newcomer (65 followers), he seems ready to have fun with the medium as judged by these tweets: This Sunday, can we look forward to front-page stories about possum shootings gone wrong and double-uteri? Here's hoping.

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