Denver Post editorial page latest to spank Jay Cutler

Of all the major issues the Denver Post editorial page could have chosen to address today, Broncos QB Jay Cutler's maturity, or lack thereof, is among the least important in the cosmic scheme of things. As a result, "The Denver Broncos Deserve a Winner, Not a Whiner," a salvo published today, will likely irk some subscribers, just as I was bothered by a previous pigskin editorial -- "Broncos Taking Hits On, Off Field," published in March 2008. After all, the Post publishes a very large, and very good, sports section filled with writers who regularly weigh in on figures like Cutler as part of their job. Why use rare and valuable space in the editorial space to tackle the same topic?

However, I've turned around on the subject, and not only because Post editorial page editor Dan Haley schooled me in a bet about the Broncos' record last season. Newspaper editorial pages can sometimes come across as pompous -- so the occasional piece about comparatively superfluous matters sends a message about accessibility that may actually inspire readers who don't usually linger in the op-ed section to stop by more often. Besides, the editorialists are on point: Sweet Baby Jay is being a whiner. Looks like budding Broncos expert Haley's got it right again.

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