Denver Post gives J.R. Smith a "C"

As June ended, Nuggets prodigy J.R. Smith was sentenced to thirty days in a New Jersey jail and 500 hours of community service in regard to a 2007 crash that killed his friend, Andre Bell. But shortly after doing his time, he headed to Las Vegas -- not exactly a location that bespeaks sincere regrets and lessons learned. Moreover, he's tweeted aplenty on his Twitter feed, jr_smith1, providing fodder for not one but two spankings in today's Denver Post. Throughout "It's Time for J.R. to Grow Up," columnist Woody Paige interprets Smith's Twitter messages as evidence that he isn't taking his life or career seriously enough, while "J.R. Smith's Twitter Page Creating Controversy," by reporter Chris Dempsey, suggests that his substituting the letter "K" for "C" in many of his tweets is consistent with writing done by members of the Bloods street gang. The latter finds Reverend Leroy Kelly, the Denver media's go-to expert on gang culture, conceding that Smith probably isn't consciously trying to send coded shout-outs to thugs, but he feels that certain fans may take it that way anyhow.

Twitter can giveth -- but it can also taketh away. With that in mind, J.R. should probably lay low right now, and give his thumbs a rest.

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