Denver Post: More shrinkage to staff, pages

We've recently shared news about Denver Post layoffs of Mike Littwin and Penny Parker and reported pay cuts for Woody Paige and Vincent Carroll, another pair of high-profile staffers. But that's not all, folks. Editor Greg Moore confirms another pair of layoffs amid word that many previously mentioned page cuts will strike the sports section.

In our post about Paige and Carroll, we noted the goodbye column by Rowena Alegria, the editor and publisher of Viva Colorado, a publication aimed at the Latino community. In an e-mail, Moore writes that Alegria and one other staffer were laid off. "Technically, they both worked directly for the business side," he notes, "but they operated out of the newsroom."

In addition, the Post had been advertising for an online sports producer gig, with the goal of bringing in someone from outside to supplement the current roster. However, Moore reveals that the job was filled internally, suggesting that the cost of another position was saved.

Also: We'd previously divulged information about planned cuts to the editorial portion of the physical newspaper, estimated at eighteen pages per week. Now, a reliable source tells us that almost half of that total -- ten pages -- is expected to be excised from the sports section.

This last scenario makes sense, since other sections of the paper have seen the lion's share of downsizing to date. In contrast, sports has remained relatively fat, at least by current standards.

But sport reporting has arguably been the Post's strongest suit; it's the one portion of the broadsheet that can be consistently ranked among the best in the country. As such, slicing sports coverage, at least on paper, is unlikely to please many subscribers even if the trims are being made to protect general news reportage. And a shrinking subscriber base will put even more pressure on the company that manages business for MediaNews Group, the Post's owner. Its apt name: Digital First.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.