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Reader: This Is One of the Worst States for Tenants' Rights

Killer views outside, chaos inside.
Killer views outside, chaos inside. Special to Westword
The Grand apartment complex at 1777 Chestnut Place is geared to affluent Denver residents; monthly rents range from $1,500 for a studio to $8,000 for a penthouse. But don't count on the killer city views to distract you from the skeletons in the closet, tenants warn.

They complain about everything from floods to mice infestations to power outages to broken balcony glass at the Grand — and say that Greystar, the property management company, ignores their concerns. But the Denver Fire Department paid attention, and on October 8 cited the property with a long list of violations; the department plans to follow up this week.

In the meantime, comments keep coming on the Westword Facebook post of the story. Says Marina: 
That’s Greystar. Never will I reside in a building managed by that company. Beware!
Adds Dru:
As soon as I saw the property was managed by Greystar, I knew the problem. Greystar is one of the worst property management companies I have ever dealt with. We were supposed to move into one of their properties the day before Thanksgiving. When I went to get the keys, the place wasn’t even close to being ready. Numerous holes in the walls, missing faceplates on outlets, trash left on the balcony, and half the kitchen cabinets just plain missing. They tried to switch us to different units, but there was no way we were going to sign a long-term lease with a company like that. If you live in a Greystar apartment, you have my condolences.
Responds Nuanes:
I live in one that was previously run by them and yes, they are horrible.
Comments Patricia:
What a joke!! How can they charge that kind of rent with such sub-par premises?
Replies Craig:
I lived here for fifteen months. Things were constantly broken and never got repaired, no matter how much you complained. The place costs a fortune and the property management is terrible..
Wonders Benjamin:
Does Denver have a Housing Authority the way NYC does, where renters can see how many complaints/types of complaints have been filed against a landlord and landlords and properties are ranked? It actually has improved some landlord behavior in NYC…. With the rental market the way it is, I see great support for that in Denver from tenants.
Answers Alyssa: 
This is one of the worst states in the nation for tenant rights. Various activist groups are working to change this: Apartments get away with murder here.
Are you a Denver renter? What situations have you encountered? And if you're a Denver landlord, we'd like to hear from you, too. Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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