Denver Roller Dolls roll out an offer on eBay

Denver's two roller derby leagues, profiled in the Westword's feature "Denver's Roller Derby Rivalry Could Start the Sport Rolling Across the Country," are stepping up their games this year -- both on the track and off.

Exhibit A: The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls have been kicking ass against out-of-state teams, as evidenced by their big win over Albuquerque's Duke City Derby on Saturday.

Exhibit B: The Denver Roller Dolls are packing in the fans at their new venue, the super-big 1st Bank Center in Broomfield.

Exhibit C: The Rollergirls are soliciting local bands to write them an original fight song.

And Exhibit D? The Roller Dolls are auctioning off on eBay a VIP suite for you and twenty-one of your closest friends for their upcoming April 17 bout.

The deal includes twenty-two seats in a private VIP section, plus six parking passes. (Parking at the 1st Bank Center is usually $10 per vehicle and tickets run from $15 to $30.) The auction winner will also get a personal tutorial on the rules of the game by one of the Dolls.

This afternoon, the bid stood at $317.50. According to the Dolls, the package is worth $500. If you're a super-eager rabid DRD fan, you can "buy it now" on eBay for $750. Rich derby fans, this promo is for you.

It's also evidence that the Dolls are keeping their promise to promote the ish out of their league this year. In January, they announced groundbreaking partnerships with sports giant Kroenke Sports Enterprises and promoter AEG Live -- which are no doubt helping fuel the Dolls' hype machine.

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