Denver Taxicab test: Have what it takes to drive the city's mean streets?

Ahmed Odawaay, one of the beleaguered Denver cab drivers featured in this week's cover story, "Mean Streets," supplements his income by helping prospective taxi drivers train for the Denver Department of Excise and License test they must pass before they can hit the road.

We've included a sampling from Odawaay's practice tests below. Do you have what it takes to get behind the wheel?

1) What type of credential do you need to drive a cab in Denver? A. A medallion B. A yellow badge C. A herdic license D. A hackney permit

2) What is the address of or closest intersection to the Westin Tabor Center?

3) There are a lot of customers waiting at a cab stand and you are the only driver there. What do you do? A. Ask customers to share your cab, and take 20 percent off for each customer B. Take one customer and leave C. Take the best trip and leave D. Call another cab to help out

4) What is the address of or closest intersection to the Brown Palace Hotel?

5) What is the fastest way to get from DIA to the Denver Marriot Tech Center?

6) What is the maximum points you can get on your driving record before your taxi license is revoked? A. 5 B. 8 C. 10 D. 15

7) What is the address of or closest intersection to Denver Health?

8) What is the maximum time you can stop in a roadway to pick up or drop off a customer? A. 30 seconds B. 90 seconds C. Three minutes D. No official limit

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Answers 1: C 2: 1672 Lawrence Street or 17th and Lawrence 3: A 4: 321 17th Street or 17th and Tremont 5: Pena Boulevard to I-225 South, exit on to Denver Tech Center Boulevard South, turn right onto East Union Avenue, turn left on South Syracuse Street. Address is 4900 S. Syracuse Street. 6: B 7: 777 Bannock Street or Speer and Bannock 8: B

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