Denver, the day before the DNC storm

Denver, the day before the DNC storm

I thought I'd seen everything just before midnight on Friday, when suddenly there were swarms of available cabs around 15th and Platte streets. Denver is many things, but it's never been a town where you can hail a cab...until now.

On Saturday, August 23, the only thing more plentiful than cabs were law-enforcement types. They were everywhere in downtown and the Golden Triangle, ambling along the street in gaggles; riding mountain bikes across intersections in packs. So far, though, so quiet (as documented by, which snapped the photo above).

At least one of those cops might want to station himself at the back of the Denver City & County Building.Yesterday morning, I walked right in through an open door on Cherokee, where normally there's security screening -- but this time, nothing.

Perhaps all the guards were across Cherokee at the U.S. Denver Mint, one of the sites hyped in so many top-ten-things-to-do-in-Denver lists, but currently boasting this electronic sign: "Closed for inventory: August 25-29."

If that's true, the Mint could be the only outfit counting its pennies this week. -- Patricia Calhoun


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