Denver's Liberty on the Rocks' NObamacare message goes national, with a chaser

News outlets probably worked up a powerful thirst while looking for Denver naysayers to hate on President Barack Obama's speech about healthcare reform before a joint session of Congress last night. Perhaps that's why both National Public Radio and Channel 31 went to Darcy's Irish Pub & Bistro in the Tech Center to chat up local members of Liberty on the Rocks, which describes itself as "a non-partisan, non-profit, social organization that seeks to unite liberty-minded individuals, regardless of political affiliation, who desire limited government, free markets and individual rights." The organization's Denver branch already features a post by busy Libertarian blogger Ari Armstrong, who disputes Obama's attempt to equate the proposed requirement that Americans have health insurance to rules regarding automobile insurance in many states. Armstrong writes:

Obama's proposal to force everybody to buy politically controlled insurance is not like the requirement to buy auto insurance for public highways. Under Obama's proposal, there is no escape and no exception. If you don't buy insurance that politicians and their appointed bureaucrats approve for you, you face hefty fines. If you want to self-insure, or if you don't like the politically-approved insurance, that's tough. You will be forced to buy it. Because Obama is all about choice, competition, and freedom. And two plus two equals five.

That George Orwell: Democrats invoked him frequently while George W. Bush was president, and now that Obama occupies the Oval Office, folks on the other side of the fence are doing likewise. Make mine a double, barkeep.

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