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Denver's resident love doctor is in... the buff

Amy Rubin fancies herself a love doctor. Never mind that the Denver resident -- who runs the website FindingYourHeartsDesire.com, a combination inspirational advice/astrology/shopping site that features a section called "Pleasure Palace" -- isn't actually an M.D. No, she's just a single girl who spends her time trying to convince other single girls not to be so pathetic about their hunt for a man. Her message: Love yourself and others will follow.

This month, in addition to her Tuesday-night love-centered radio talk show on Soul's Journey Radio -- a station that was nominated for six International Paranormal Acknowledgment Awards this year -- Rubin, who is not a psychic, is doling out advice on uh, loving yourself from the pages of the brand new Soul's Journey Magazine, a free, New York-based publication put out by the same folks behind the radio station. She's also on the cover. Naked.

"The image is love goddess-y," she says, admitting that she was initially sort of worried about laying in a bed of roses in the nude. "There's no reason in the world you can't be extraordinary on the outside and the inside. That's the image they were trying to get."

Rubin says the magazine made its Colorado debut at this past weekend's Cherry Creek Arts Festival. And, she says, more copies are on their way to a Denver Whole Foods near you. In addition to gracing the cover, Rubin wrote the issue's main story. "I believe in true love," she wrote. "I believe that no matter how many times you get hurt that you must get back up on your stallion and try again."

If you can't wait for the magazine or you're too busy tonight at 7 p.m. to call in to Rubin's show, you can log on to her website, where a feature called "Mirror Mirror on the Wall" will answer your burning love questions.

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In the spirit of investigative reporting, I gave it a spin. I figured I'd start off with a fairly common question: "Should I sleep with that cute co-worker of mine?"

The mirror answered right away: "Follow your intuition."

Not a bad answer but not the "HELLS, YES!" I was looking for. Slightly disappointed, I switched tactics. "What should I eat for lunch?" I asked.

"Go to a quiet place, close your eyes and listen to your own inner voice."

Again, not helpful. I tried once more. "How about a turkey sandwich on rye?"

"Magic is going to happen in your life."

Better make it ham and swiss, then.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.