Did Marliese Schreiber Blame Child for Letting Her Baby Sister Drown in Tub?

Thornton resident Marliese Schreiber, 27, has been hit with multiple charges of child abuse related to the bathtub drowning death of her six-week-old daughter, Nessa Muniz.

But the arrest affidavit in the case suggests that Schrieber initially tried to shift blame onto one of her two other kids (ages one and four), who she's also accused of neglecting.

The reported reason: The older child was jealous of the new baby.

Schrieber's Facebook page includes a number of portraits, including this one....

...and this one....

...as well as numerous shots of two young children, which we're not including in order to protect their identity.

There are no photos of Nessa in Schreiber's gallery.

However, numerous grieving loved ones posted shots of the girl after her death.

Here's one example....

...plus a pic that emphasizes how tiny and vulnerable she was:

As for the events that led to Nessa's death, the affidavit, accessed by 7News, reveals that they took place on November 22.

On that day, Schreiber said she put her two older children in the bath, then left them alone to dump the trash while her husband napped.

Upon her return, Schreiber said the bathroom door was locked.

Panicked, she awoke her husband, who was able to open the door with a credit card.

Inside, they found Nessa floating in the tub, which was so full that it had flooded over the edge, covering the bathroom floor and soaking the carpeting nearby.

The other two children were subsequently placed with Adams County foster care; they didn't sustain any injuries. But Schreiber suggested to investigators that the older child must have put Nessa in the tub; the girl was said to have been placed in therapy because she was "acting out" in jealousy over the new arrival.

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This explanation doesn't address why Schreiber left the other two kids in the tub unsupervised — but the accusations against her do. The 17th Judicial District DA's office has charged her with one count of criminally negligent child abuse resulting in death in regard to Nessa's passing, as well as two counts of negligent child abuse related to the other girls.

Look below to see Schreiber's booking photo.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.