DNC Protesters Tent State Plan Pepsi Center Sleepover

Who wants some s'mores?

When Judge Marcia Krieger ruled yesterday that the city’s plans for protesters are A-okay, convention planners no doubt breathed a huge sigh of relief that they wouldn’t have to dismantle the massive media tent they’ve erected between the demonstration zone and the Pepsi Center.

But the sigh was short lived, because later that evening, protest organizers with Tent State University announced some rather clever plans to subvert the ban on camping in municipal parks by saying they will encourage their throng to march from City Park at curfew and set up shop all night inside the demonstration area. From the Rocky Mountain News's story:

Adam Jung, an organizer for Tent State University, mocked the city's allocation of the protest zone for demonstrators at the southeast corner of the arena's parking lot, near Seventh Street and the Aurora Parkway. Nonetheless, he said, the demonstration site would be the location in which hundreds - or thousands - of protesters would converge on once they're booted out of City Park and they begin the more-than-two-mile trek to the Pepsi Center.

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Jared Jacang Maher