Dog the Bounty Hunter comes to Colorado in season premiere; Tom Tancredo doesn't cameo

Late last month,

Dog the Bounty Hunter supported Tom Tancredo at a Grizzly Rose fundraiser

-- a kinder, gentler reason for a visit to our fair state than the one at the heart of tonight's season premiere of his long-running

A&E reality series

. On that trip, he was on the trail of meth fan "on the run with his pregnant girlfriend on the high plains of Colorado." Look below to check out the complete episode description, as well as a link to a preview:

Episode description:

Dog's latest fugitive, doesn't think small when it comes to illegal drugs: he was carrying almost a pound of methamphetamine when he was arrested. Now he's on the run with his pregnant girlfriend on the high plains of Colorado. Dog and his team track him through rundown trailer parks, junkyards filled with rusted cars, and finally to a desolate country road where they have to make a risky nighttime bust.

Click to watch the Dog the Bounty Hunter season premiere preview.

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