Donovan McNabb and Denver Broncos a perfect fit, says ESPN's Amy Lawrence

NFL fan sites have been abuzz about rumors that the Broncos are interested in trading for Philadelphia QB Donovan McNabb ever since an ESPN report mentioned the possibility. Broncos sources swear nothing along these lines is happening, but ESPN Radio's Amy Lawrence thinks it should be.

During an overnight broadcast, Lawrence talked about the possible availability of all the Philly quarterbacks: McNabb, as well as backup Kevin Kolb and wild card Michael Vick. Then she specifically addressed Broncos denials before noting that if she was in Denver's shoes, she'd obtain McNabb's services in a heartbeat -- and made a credible case for doing so.

Lawrence ran down McNabb's solid career stats; pointed out that, despite his earlier history of injury, he played in all sixteen games last season; and argued that the kind of veteran leadership McNabb provides would pay dividends in the locker room.

Yes, he's 33 years old. True, he's never quite gotten over the Super Bowl hump. And I'm afraid it took him about a decade to figure out the NFL's overtime rule. But if he's not a long-term signal-calling solution, he's an intriguing interim player who'd immediately return the buzz to the Broncos. If team reps really aren't talking to the Eagles about this possibility, Lawrence feels it's time to start.

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