"Don't touch her like that!!" school-crossing sign in touch with times: Kenny Be's Sign Language

The school crossing sign seen above is commonly known as the "S1-1 School Advance Sign" and features a male and female student connected at the arm. Some may interpret the graphic as an intimate gesture of concern between an older brother and younger sister, but the handwritten message below is more in touch with the mood of our times... The sign pictured above is one of many surrounding an intersection near the athletic fields of North High School. The use of punctuation in the handwritten warning on the bottom of the sign suggests that "Don't touch her like that!!" is a familiar phrase in American culture. It sounds like it might even be the title of an early Madonna song, or a later Eminem standard.

A Google search of "Don't touch her like that!!" reveals that the phrase is frequently used in the dialogue of Nickelodeon TV shows, the comments section of Selena videos on YouTube, and chat sections of numerous fan sites.

Below, the school crossing sign near the Escuela de Guadalupe is a touch more intimate... The school crossing sign pictured above is just a half block away from Escuela de Guadalupe. The artist who altered the graphic seems to be suggesting that the students of this particular private school carry more equipment to their classes. It appears that the taller student is carrying a Geiger counter, or perhaps a vaccuum to remove dog hairs from his companion's school uniform.

Luckily, the proud artist has placed an autograph on the sign, and can therefore be remunerated by the proper authorities.

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