Don't worry, Rockies fans: It was just a Wacky Wednesday

Most commentators discussing the Philadelphia Phillies' 5-1 dismantling of the Colorado Rockies yesterday came to the conclusion that the P-men simply outclass the Rocks on every level -- an easy conclusion to draw if you suffered through the last five innings. But amid the destruction, there was reason for hope, and not just because Troy Tulowitzki knocked in a last-minute run to prevent Cliff Lee from registering a complete-game shutout. Nearly every member of the Rockies who played well down the stretch was subpar yesterday -- poor batting, poor fielding, poor everything -- with the exception of pitcher Franklin Morales, who actually looked good, in contrast to recent performances so miserable we urged Jim Tracy to sit him. As I watched him, I realized: It was a "wacky Wednesday."

As lovers of great literature know, Wacky Wednesday is a Dr. Seuss book in which, for the length of one wacky day, opposites abound: birds chase cats, shoes fly, and Franklin Morales is the most consistent performer on the Colorado Rockies.

Okay, that last part isn't in there -- but you get the point. With Aaron Cook on the mound today for the Rockies, the world should right itself after yesterday's wackiness. If you need reassurance, call the Dr.

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