Doonesbury Gets a Mile High

Doonesbury took note today, July 22, of Barack Obama’s recent decision to move his planned acceptance speech from the Pepsi Center to Invesco Field at Mile High during the Democratic National Convention next month.

And although Mayor Hickenlooper is likely still freaking out a little about logistics for the move – which will dearly challenge convention organizers and the city, who’ve spent a year gearing up the Pepsi Center for the big event – he’ll be happy to note that comic creator Gary Trudeau referred to the stadium as Mile High rather than Invesco Field.

Hick, of course, led the drive in 2000 to save the Mile High name after the Denver Broncos moved from their longtime digs into the current stadium. The campaign, in fact, is usually credited with launching the former pub owner’s political career. -- Jonathan Shikes

To see the strip at its website, click here.

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