Door-to-door child molester?: Suspect groper allegedly claimed to be immigration doctor

Update: Last week, we told you about the creepy case of a man accused of posing as a doctor from "Immigration" in order to gain entry to a home and molest an elementary-school-age child.

The suspect remains at large -- but the Aurora Police Department hopes a new, computer-generated illustration will lead to him booking a room at the Lock Inn. Below, see an APD release and a larger version of the new graphic, as well as the original item:

Aurora Police Department release:

Sexual Assault on a Child (Update)

Aurora, Colo. -- Aurora Police are offering a reward and releasing a new computer generated image in connection with an investigation into a sex assault which occurred last week. Police are hopeful that the release of this new information and the addition of a reward will help detectives catch the suspect.

Aurora Police are offering a reward of up to $2,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for sexually assaulting a child in her home last week.

Detectives are re-releasing the original victim composite sketch and a computer generated image of the suspect, gained from a teenage brother who was at the home. Both the sketch and the new image have been sent along with this news release.

Detectives want the media and the public to understand that the computer generated image is not intended to perfectly match the suspect's skin tone. The suspect's features may be different. The suspect's actual hair color is lighter than shown.

The Department has received several tips on persons who are similar in appearance to the initial sketch since this story was reported on last week. Each tip was investigated. However, this case remains open and under active investigation.

Persons with information requiring immediate action are encouraged to call 911. For example, if a citizen observes a vehicle driven by a man matching the suspect's description, or a man similar in appearance to the suspect is seen at a bus stop, please call 911. Persons calling 911 should attempt to provide the 911 operator with specific details such as a license plate, a specific clothing description, the specific address where the suspect is located, or possibly the direction the suspect is traveling by foot or car.

Original item, 8:12 a.m., October 22: A suspect wanted in Aurora has apparently found a new way to exploit immigrants -- not that there's been any shortage. According to Aurora police, a man showed up at the home of an elementary-school-age child claiming to be a doctor from "Immigration." The subsequent "examination" allegedly crossed the lines of criminal behavior and vileness at roughly the same time.

Look below to get more details in an Aurora Police Department release, as well as to see a larger sketch of the suspect.

APD release:

Aurora Police Department Crimes Against Children detectives are investigating a sexual assault on a small elementary school child that occurred on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at approximately 3:00 p.m. at the child's residence, in the area of Lansing elementary school.

The male stated he was a doctor associated with "Immigration," and that he needed to examine the child. It was under this guise that he gained access to the child's home when the parents were working.

The suspect is described as a White male, 40 to 50-years-old, at least 6 feet tall, and with a thin build. He has whitish or light blonde "Curly" or "Fluffy" hair, blue eyes, and a mustache. He smelled strongly of cigarette smoke.

There is no vehicle information available.

Anyone with information reference this case is asked to call Det. Amber Urban at 303-739-6102 or the Aurora Police Crimes Against Children Unit 303-739-6155 or 911 with information or leads.

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