Dr. Louis Hampers, accused of stalking Deborah Sherman: No extra house arrest freedoms

News that reporter Deborah Sherman is out at 9News -- and the dearth of details as to why -- has dragged disgraced doctor Louis Hampers into the news again. Sherman claims former ER doc Hampers stalked her after she broke a second date with him. In a civil lawsuit she filed against him in June 2010, which has since been settled, she alleged that her "relationship with her employer has been damaged" as a result.

It's not clear if that played a role in Sherman's departure, though rumors are flying -- including in today's Denver Post.

As for Hampers, his legal saga continues. In September 2010, he was indicted on charges that in 2009 and the first part of 2010, he wrote 654 phony prescriptions for drugs such as generic Vicodin, Valium and Ambien. At a court hearing shortly thereafter, attorneys said the doctor took all of the 20,000 pills he was accused of stealing himself, sometimes popping upwards of sixty Hydrocodone a day.

"This is a case about addiction, plain and simple," said his lawyer, Craig Gillen.

In July, Hampers pleaded guilty to fourteen counts of prescription drug fraud, each of which carries potential prison time. His sentencing was scheduled for October.

It has now been delayed until January 20. In the meantime, court documents show that Hampers, who is under house arrest, has unsuccessfully asked the court for increased freedoms. In the last such request, dated October 24, he asked for "leave exceptions to attend a Caduceus group on Thursday evenings, 12-Step recovery groups on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and to meet once weekly with his local sponsor." Caduceus is described as a group therapy treatment.

A judge denied his request. "I cannot deny that more treatment would assist in his mental health, but I have the responsibility of weighing his needs against those of the community, including his family members," wrote U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael Hegarty in an order dated November 7. "Pretrial Services does not agree with Mr. Hampers's current request, and neither does the prosecution."

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