DUI/THC bill debate proves Dan Caplis has never been mellow

The conversation quickly went to pot when William Breathes went on the Caplis and Silverman radio show yesterday to discuss the failure of the DUI/THC bill. While Craig Silverman, a former prosecutor, saw the flaws in the proposed test levels, Caplis saw flaws in, well, just about everything.

Have you never been mellow, Dan?

Here's Jim P's take:

Man, the one guy (Caplis, I think) evidently thinks all cannabis users are pieces of trash. He keeps reiterating that William and Dr. Shackleford are fabricating facts because they have a vested interest in the industry (which he thinks is a complete farce.) He's trying to nullify the argument of HB1261 opponents by claiming they're all 17 year old stoners with no regard for public safety..... I guess we shouldn't expect much more from a conservative radio personality.

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