Each Word of Deputy's Off-the-Hook Chat About Reporter's "F*cking Giant" Boobs

What happened to Durango Herald reporter Chase Olivarius-McAllister is both hilarious and appalling.

Hilarious because several law enforcers make incredible asses out of themselves.

Appalling because it's indicative of the way too many men treat women in the media and the workforce in general.

As first reported by Jezebel, La Plata County Deputy Sergeant Zach Farnam left a voicemail for Olivarius-McAllister, who's British by birth, then forgot to hang up the phone.

The result: Farnam was recorded for several minutes without his knowledge. During this time, he repeatedly told his dog that he was a good boy, after which he and some colleagues dished about Olivarius-McAllister"s "fucking giant" rack, the correlation between fish-and-chips consumption and "huge boobs," and the tendency of people from the U.K. to have bad teeth — a conversation suggesting that the only things Farnam and company know about England they learned from watching a couple of Monty Python skits.

The conversation has been uploaded to YouTube, complete with subtitles. We've included the video, but since the conversation is difficult to hear in sections, we created screen captures of each line. They appear in order below, looking like the world's most sexist Woody Allen credit sequence. Below that, see the appropriately brutal tweet Olivarius-McAllister shared about the situation, followed by the complete clip.

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