My new jersey.

Eddie Royal is on the numbers

Okay, so I’ve whined. And I’ve moaned. And I’ve generally grumbled about how few Denver Broncos stars there are and how, because of that, I wouldn’t know which jersey to buy this football season if I were to buy one at all.

And now it’s time for me to eat some of those words.

Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall have become bona fide stars this year, and while only time will tell if they can get somewhere close to John Elway/Rod Smith numbers, I could now justify buying either one of their jerseys – even if they are the easy choices.

As for my other somewhat fluid jersey criteria – a player who I believe is going to be on the team for a while, someone I like, and someone whose name has a little flair to it -- I now have to agree with Broncos spokesman Jim Saccomano, who earlier this year told me that rookie wide receiver Eddie Royal was going to be big and that his jersey was going to sell like crazy. Although I expressed my doubts about spending $80 for a rookie’s numbers, I have to admit that Royal fits all four criteria.

Plus his Number 19 looks cool (interestingly, he had a couple of other numbers in the pre-season).

And now for my announcement: I recently bought an Eddie Royal jersey.

Go Broncos. – Jonathan Shikes

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