Elizabeth "Libby" Santaguida, Mile High Murder No. 82: Bizarre affidavit, Facebook tributes to woman whose brother, Zachariah, has been charged with killing her

On Friday, we told you about the arrest of Zachariah Thomas Santaguida, eighteen, in the death of his 24-year-old sister, subsequently identified as Elizabeth "Libby" Santaguida.

Libby's Facebook page has turned into a de facto memorial site, with plenty of friends and family members adding their thoughts to a profile that gives a sense of a young woman gone too soon.

See excerpts below -- and also check out the often bizarre details that appear in an arrest affidavit obtained by Channel 4, including references to medical marijuana, porn, a vibrator and Jägermeister.

Here's how Libby described herself on Facebook:

I'm a creator. I dig a good beat! I love junk Only because I see potential in everything! IF I'm 24 am I too old to consider myself a kid?? I love my local music scene! I LOVE TO have A GOOD TIME, shit i bring the party. LOL YOU KNOW... I HAVE A DIRTY, dirty, CRUDE and perverted sense OF HUMOR and I LOVE BAD JOKES. Really , really bad jokes. Are you desirable? Are you irresistible? Maybe if you drank bourbon with me, it would help. Maybe if you kissed me and I could taste the sting in your mouth, it would help. If you drank bourbon with me naked... if you smelled of bourbon as you fucked me, it would help... it would increase my esteem for you. If you poured bourbon on to your naked body and said to me... drink this... ... if you spread your legs and had bourbon dripping from your bODY and said drink here... then I could fall in love with you, because then I would have a purpose, to clean you up, and that would prove that I'm worth something. Id lick you clean so you could go away and i can fuck someone else. ..

I wanna meet... HIP-HOPPERS, MC'S, DJ'S, JUNGLEST, PUNK ROCKERS, DREDDYS, SHIT TALKERS, BAD BOYS, EVEN BADDER GIRLS, WORKERS, CREATORS, LOVERS, HATERS, DIRTY ONES... CLEAN ONES AREN'T AS FUN... HAHA GOOF BALLS, NERDS, PARTY KIDS, POT HEADS, SKATERS, DOGG'S AND BITCHES BLACK, WHITE, YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, PURPLE, GREEN TATTOOED FRIENDS AND FRIENDs THAT HAVE HOLES IN PLACES I CANNOT PRONOUNCE SO IF YOU FIT IN ANY ONE OF THESE CATEGORIES I CAN DIG YOU I wanna meet people who... SUPPORT theiR LOCAL DJ's, MC's Hip-hop, drum N'bass, jungle, jam band, singers and artist... Someone who Supports their local ART scene Some one who can EXPRESS themselves! someone who can Scream with their Mouth Shut! someone who isn't afraid of to fight for their convictions! Fight for what they believe in! someone who Believes in themselves!

The wall on Libby's page is filling up with tributes. Rebecca Santaguida, who identified her sister's body for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, wrote, "Libby your were the best sister anyone could ever ask for, and you will never be forgotten, you made me what i am to day and for that i am eternaly greatful, i love you so much and i always will, you were my role modlle. i miss you so much."

Joey Santaguida added: "Libby, I owe you homage for all the years and experience you've shared with me. You've been there with me from my beginning (even if you did call me an ugly baby). Sadly I will really miss you on my 21st birthday this June. You were supposed to show me the sites, good bars and what not. I'll still drink a few for you come the day. We'll all see you again. Good bye Libby!"

As for the arrest affidavit, which can be read in its entirety by clicking here, it offers information about the scene of the crime, including the discovery of Libby's body:

"When Deputy Krelle and Taplin entered the residence through the basement door, they observed a female laying on her back at the bottom of a spiral staircase. The female had on black pants that were pulled partially down so that her panties were exposed. The female was unresponsive."

In his initial interview, Zachariah described himself as "a 'shut in.' He claimed that he was home the entire day, however slept for most of it, only waking up for about 30 minutes at a time. He did not hear anything unusual."

Richard Santaguida, the clan's father, was also quizzed, revealing that his profession, and that of Libby, involved medical marijuana. He told investigators that "he left for work at about 12:45 p.m. While he and Elizabeth work together, Elizabeth did not go to work with him today. They agreed to meet at 1850 S. Federal Boulevard at 4:00 p.m. Richard said that he is a doctor who currently evaluates patients to conclude whether they qualify for medical marijuana." Indeed, the above address is listed as the home of Remedy Care Center, a medical marijuana dispensary.

According to the affidavit, Richard gave permission to search his home "reluctantly," perhaps because he had "about 2 ounces of marijuana in the house." He said that both he and Elizabeth were medical marijuana card holders, but he was unable to produce his license.

An investigator subsequently described the Santaguida home as being "in complete disarray. There was clutter and trash throughout the entire house on the floors, countertops and furniture. There were also numerous prescription bottles throughout the house. Richard told Deputy Krelle that Elizabeth was on numerous 'psyche' meds, however did not believe that she would ever harm herself. Several beer cans and a yagermeister [sic] liquor bottle were observed in the basement as well."

The Jägermeister comes up again in a subsequent portion of the report:

"Investigator Kate Battan interviewed Rebecca Santaguida at the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office at approximately 4:31 a.m. Rebecca provided background on Elizabeth and the family dynamics. Specifically she told Investigator Battan that within the last few days, she saw a bottle of Yagermeister [sic] in Zacharaiah Santaguida's bedroom lying on his bed. She believes that he stole that from Elizabeth's bedroom and actually told Elizabeth about it. She does not know if Elizabeth confronted Zachariah Santaguida about it.

After the interview was completed, the family was advised that Zachariah Santaguida was being arrested for the murder of Elizabeth. Rebecca then told Investigator Battan she had additional information and she was re-interviewed at 7:57 a.m. Specifically she said that when she told Elizabeth about the stolen Yagermeister [sic], Elizabeth told her it had been next to a vibrator that she had received as a gag gift. The vibrator had been taken as well. Rebecca said Elizabeth told her the vibrator was still in its original package and had not been used. Rebecca said in the last couple of days, Elizabeth found the vibrator in the upstairs couch cushions. It was no longer in its original package."

Significant portions of the report are blacked out, and in the information that appears, there's no mention of a motive for why Zachariah might have wanted to kill Libby -- just odd snippets like this line that essentially concludes the narrative: "Zachariah Santaguida said during the interview that he watched pornographic movies and has taken them from Elizabeth in the past."

Hard to know how and if all of that adds up, but there's one indisputable fact: the death of Libby Santaguida.

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