Eric Barney accused of holding girlfriend hostage for two months, torturing her

If the allegations against Eric Barney are true, boyfriends don't get much worse.

Barney is suspected of kidnapping, false imprisonment and more for allegedly holding his girlfriend hostage and abusing her regularly over a two-month span.

According to Fox31, Barney isn't exactly an unknown quantity from a law-enforcement perspective. His rap sheet features domestic violence accusations, as well as a 2004 first-degree murder charge that was later dropped.

But cops suspect him of venturing into new territory in recent months.

Back in July, Barney's girlfriend was admitted to a local hospital after being beaten. At the time, she told police Barney had held a pillow to her face and tried to strangle her.

That was enough for officers to issue an arrest warrant in Barney's name. But before they could arrest him, he showed up at the woman's house as she slept -- and a police report portrays what happened afterward as a waking nightmare.

Over the next two months, police believe Barney forced the woman to stay inside her house near 52nd and Sheridan -- and mostly in her bedroom. In fact, he's said to have only let her go to the bedroom after she secured his permission to do so. He also abused the woman physically, if the blood-stained walls and mattress found inside are any indication. And if the threat of violence against her wasn't enough to guarantee her cooperation, he allegedly said that her family would be in danger, either from him or unknown associates, if she reached out to the cops.

Nonetheless, she managed to escape two weeks ago -- and this time around, officers got their hands on Barney. He's presently cooling his heels in Denver jail. Now, he's the one who can't use the bathroom without asking first.

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