Eric Caverly, youth group volunteer with CO Springs church, accused of child sex assault

Eric Caverly, 37, was a youth group volunteer with a Colorado Springs church -- and we're using the past tense in this sentence because he's presumably been cut loose following his arrest on suspicion of sexual assault on a child. The victim in question? A young woman who was sixteen at the beginning of an illicit relationship that's allegedly gone on for nearly three years. This isn't the first such incident to take place in Colorado Springs of late. Back in December, around the time the investigation into Caverly's behavior began, 21-year-old Gateway Church youth pastor Joshua Amorosa was arrested on the same charge -- involving, in his case, a girl of fourteen.

While we typically think of three occurrences as a trend, two is more than enough when it comes to this sort of offense.

At this point, the Colorado Springs Police Department isn't releasing the name of the church for which Caverly volunteered for fear that doing so would lead to the victim's identification. But CSPD reps do confirm that, at this point, no other instances of abuse have been discovered -- which may be the only piece of good news to come out of this story.

Here's a full-size look at Caverly's booking photo:

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