"Eric Corff...What a Douchebag" stickers: The mystery behind the viral marketing

If you've been up to Telluride during the past year or so, odds are you've seen this sticker, which simply proclaims "Eric Corff ... What a Douchebag." They're everywhere -- on ski-lift posts, trash cans, on park benches, in bars and restaurants. But you can't find them for sale anywhere.

Nonetheless, the stickers have made their way from Telluride across the entire planet. This November 2009 Blogspot post contains comments from readers who have spotted the stickers in Boulder, Vegas, Utah, outside a Krystal Burger in Florida, on a Denver parking meter, on the side of a "street meat" cart in Costa Rica, on a park bench in New Zealand, and on the back of a cab in Phuket, Thailand.

Who is Eric Corff? Is he really a douchebag -- and if so, how big of a douchebag is he? We were unable to find a working number for Corff, and the place a commenter on the blog above said he last worked (Telluride's Excelsior Cafe) has not returned our phone calls.

According to comments on several blogs chronicling the Corff sticker saga, Eric Corff hails from Edmond, Oklahoma and went to college at Oklahoma State. At some point, possibly, he lived in New York City, and from there he moved to Telluride, where his supposed douchebaggery reached viral-marketing proportions. Allegedly, Corff worked as a bouncer at a bar and started an affair with a Telluride local's girlfriend. When the unnamed local discovered the infidelity, he reacted badly and assaulted Corff, who filed criminal charges against the man. The local was convicted of these charges, and shortly after the conviction, these stickers began showing up here, there and everywhere.

Or maybe not. This is the Internet, after all.

Commenters who claim to know Corff say that yes, he really is a douchebag. One person posted what they say is Corff's MySpace page and noted he is the douchebag on the left of the photo seen above. The last comment on this MySpace page was left in July of 2008, and Corff has only nine friends on the site, so who knows when he last logged in (Corff does not have a Facebook page to the best of our knowledge). According to this MySpace page, Corff is 30 years old, single and a Virgo.

No mention of him also being possibly the world's biggest douchebag.

Do you know something about these stickers that we don't? Please share your wisdom, so the mystery of what just might be the world's greatest revenge-tactic-cum-guerrilla-marketing-program can finally be unraveled.

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