"Everyone will die 2/12/10:" Graffiti threat at Boulder High considered "low level"

These days, everyone who sends a child off to school worries about safety -- and that's doubly true in Colorado, where the word "Columbine" hasn't called the state flower to mind for more than a decade. So imagine how Boulder High School parents felt when they received a letter from principal Kevin Braney earlier this week revealing that graffiti had been found on a restroom wall declaring, "everyone will die 2/12/10."

Yes, police have been alerted. Yes, extra security precautions will be taken. And yes, school will be in session tomorrow. But while Braney writes that authorities see threats like this one as "low level," no one will be surprised if absentee rates tomorrow are higher than normal. Read the principal's note below:

From: Kevin Braney Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 5:46 AM To: Boulder HS Staff Subject: FW: FYI: 2-9-2010 Boulder High Communication

Below is a note regarding two incidents that occurred yesterday at school. I will review these in more detail at Thursday's faculty meeting. Thanks. Kevin

Dear Boulder High School Parents and Guardians:

I want to give you an update regarding unusual police activity at Boulder High School today (2/9). Boulder police officers responded to our high school after being called by school administration regarding a disruption, caused by one of our students, to the learning environment. The police department and school administration will continue to investigate the matter to ensure it is brought to an appropriate resolution.

In addition, at the end of school today, Boulder police were contacted about a threatening message found on a restroom wall stating, "everyone will die 2/12/10." While law enforcement and BVSD Security generally regard this type of threat as low level, school administration, BVSD and law enforce must treat this matter seriously as the physical and emotional well being of each of our students and staff are our primary concern.

Boulder High will work with law enforcement and BVSD Security to take additional security precautions as advised. For this reason, I believe that it will be safe to hold classes on their regular schedule this Friday, February 12.


Kevin Braney Principal

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