Ex-Bronco Reuben Droughns gets real Mile High salute -- from Drug Enforcement Administration investigating marijuana grow in his house

What do former pro football players do once their careers are over? The rise of the medical marijuana industry in Colorado provides a possible answer owing to one simple fact: A helluva lot of athletes love weed.

Unfortunately, though, there can still be complications -- like the ones currently embroiling ex-Broncos running back Reuben Droughns, who's reportedly under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration for operating a marijuana grow in his Centennial home.

According to Channel 31's Julie Hayden, who got the scoop on the story, Droughns is claiming a medical marijuana defense.

Although Droughns was unable to show agents a medical marijuana license, his mother and brother did.

Hayden notes that Droughns was not under arrest as of last night -- and there's a good chance he'll skate given the current confusion over medical marijuana laws in the state, as documented in blogs like this one and this one.

Besides, now that he's out of the NFL (he was released by his last team, the New York Giants, in February 2009), what do you expect him to do? Not smoke pot?

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