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Ex-Coach Chris Craig Ups Ante on FoCo Acts Via Threat to Bomb Utah School

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Chris Craig took center stage in one of 2013's most bizarre stories: The former college basketball coach turned self-proclaimed "Islamic jihadist" was investigated but never arrested for publicly announcing that all Catholics and Mormons in Fort Collins "would be destroyed" over a two-week period.

Now, however, Craig, who's previously been treated for mental illness in Colorado and Utah, is in custody in Utah for taking his bizarre behavior to the next level — by threatening to blow up an elementary school.

In a message posted on his personal blog site and e-mailed to the El Paso Times, Craig rambled about topics that included racism, Donald Trump, Carmelo Anthony and penis size; the complete post is reproduced below. But he also wrote, "I will call 911 with a threat of an explosive and drive onto my 9yr olds elementary school, Eagle Valley Elementary, with a True Explosive."

Yesterday afternoon, September 19, Craig made such a call, prompting the evacuation of the school, located in Eagle Mountain, a town about a half-hour's drive from Provo. And while his vehicle didn't contain an explosive, true or otherwise, he was taken into custody by the Utah County Sheriff's Office following an estimated three hours of negotiations.

These events contrast strongly with early press coverage of Craig, including a profile from the Eagle, a student publication for the College of Eastern Utah, where he coached a few years back. In the piece, he comes across as clean-cut and enthusiastic about hoops — a vocation to which he'd dedicated much of his life.

"Chris Craig played Junior College ball at Arizona Western then went to the University of Texas El Paso," the article notes, by way of introduction. "His professional career included teams from Switzerland, Mexico, Ireland and Germany. He was also the player Coach for Ireland where he won their first ever National Cup Championship."

After coaching for three successful seasons at the College of Eastern Utah, Craig took over the program at Midland College in Texas. In January 2013, he earned his 100th victory at the junior college level.

The sky seemed the limit at that point. But then, that March, Craig abruptly resigned as Midland's coach after tweeting on a now-suspended account that he had gone to Jerusalem because the "end of the world" was looming. He also announced that the "new world order is coming," warned people to "get off coasts by Thursday at sundown" and revealed that "WW3 started when Israel bombed Iran" earlier that year.

Craig also posted thirty pages of hand-scrawled notes declaring President Barack Obama to be the anti-Christ and calling former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney a "false prophet," among many other things. Here's a screen capture of an example:

By July 2013, Craig was in Colorado; he was spotted in Rocky Mountain National Park and Steamboat Springs, where he claimed to be the Archangel Michael after being pulled over by cops for shooting video while driving.

Authorities said Craig wore a T-shirt as a head wrapping, plus sunglasses and a bandanna over his face and drove a white Honda emblazoned with the message "Fuck DHS" (the Department of Homeland Security, presumably), plus "YHVH" (a Hebrew name for "God") and "Rev 14-7."

By the way, Revelations 14.7 states: "He said in a loud voice, 'Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come. Worship him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and the springs of water.'"

Then came a warning from Fort Collins Police Services about Craig's threat regarding Catholics and Mormons. No specific houses of worship were mentioned, but police alerted numerous religious organizations anyhow, and an officer stood vigil outside St. Joseph's Catholic Church.

In the end, no acts of violence were committed against FoCo church-goers, and Craig eventually relocated to Utah, where he appears to have stayed out of trouble for the most part. According to a Utah County Sheriff's Office release, he was pulled over for a minor traffic violation this past January, after which he "became agitated and yelled obscenities at the deputy in a threatening manner." But his actions became infinitely more problematic at 2:13 p.m. yesterday, when the UCSO reveals that he phoned dispatchers to say the trunk of his car was filled with explosives and he was getting ready to arm them.

He also entered the school and warned staffers to evacuate the facility — and they did, moving as many as 250 students to two previously designated safe locations, the UCSO notes.

In the meantime, negotiators were speaking with Craig, who said he wanted to share a message — which he eventually did, following the passage of three hours. Afterward, he moved away from his car, allowing members of the Utah Valley Metro Bomb Squad to swoop in. They found no explosives in the vehicle, nor any at Craig's Eagle Mountain home.

Nonetheless, Craig was booked into Utah County Jail on numerous suspected charges: threat of terrorism, interference with arresting officer, failure to disclose identity, disrupting operation of a school and disorderly conduct.

Look below to see Craig's booking photo, followed by a 2013 news report about his departure from Midland College and the complete blog post, headlined "In Honor of Skylar Dore" — a reference to a white police chief in the mostly black community of Jonesville, Louisiana, who resigned after attacking President Barack Obama on Facebook. For more about Craig, click to access "A Coach Unbalanced," a 2014 profile published by Sports Illustrated.

In Honor of Skylar Dore

I was born into this world under the slave name of Christopher Craig. Currently, I am known as The Radical Islamic Jihadist Muhammad Allah Al-Khidr. I was a professor and a basketball coach at Carbon College, (Price, UT) Midland College, (TX) and a basketball coach at The University of Northern Colorado. I played in college at Texas Western for Billy Gillispie. My reason for writing Today is because of my pending arrest and hunger strike which begins when I press send on this Discourse of Truth. In 2 hours, call Eagle Mountain PD in Eagle Mountain, UT if you think I am bluffing. Ask them,

"did he really do that"?

EMPD - 001-801-789-7551

I will call 911 with a threat of an explosive and drive onto my 9yr olds elementary school, Eagle Valley Elementary, with a True Explosive. If Jacob Zuma and ANC will rule until The Prophet Isa returns, then I will sit in jail on a hunger strike until Isa's return, even to death if necessary. Racism is the reason for my hunger strike, to take this conversation deeper, to The Truth, Core, and roots. Before the DSA, The Divided States of America, elects a new "leader" of the "free world", an honest conversation needs to be held. While I could never vote for Donald Trump, most white men look to him as their voice because they feel he speaks his mind and will return their country to them. But the 2016 DSA campaign only got honest once, when little Marco and The Donald debated about hand and penis size, which led to the abrupt end of Mr. Rubio's campaign.

Cowards like Colin Kaepernick, Tony LaRussa, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Dabo Swinney throw in their 2 cents, but stop in honor of their checkbook, reputation, and fear of being labeled the word of death in our society = the "R" word, a.....RACIST. As do all other athletes and entertainers.

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Let us backtrack now, into pretending penis size does not matter. What about survival? Both within a single family system and a tribe or race. Well, if the origins of black men, and let's just focus on African-North Americans for now, as a tribe or race began with them coming over on slave ships, I would say this:

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This time you won't have to row, or be put in chains. Now, boats have motors or engines and machines have been created with wings that fly through the heavens called airplanes to get you home to the "Motherland" quicker. And there is no need for chains, all you have to do is fasten your seatbelt. Most of these flying machines even tell you with a cool little light that it's time to chain up. If that is not enough, these flying machines have other humans walking up and down the aisles to help out.

Is that not another myth? White men have small penis' and big brains and black men have big penis' and pea brains. Right? Perceptions which permeate society must be true right?

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Genesis 9:25

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If a black man looks out for a white man, he is called an "Uncle Tom". Since Carmelo Anthony bravely "took the lead" and spoke to a few humans and even posted something on social media while his black brethren struggle for food and jobs, maybe we should call white men who drive black hip-hop culture, "Uncle Carmelos" or "Uncle LeBrons"? Wait guys hold on, while he is charging $2000 for his basketball camp, Mr. Curry is trying to decide what to do for the anthem. Wow. Let us know man. We are all dying in anticipation for you to prove how black you are since you get unfairly judged for your lack of a dark complexion. Wait what? What about Shaq who seems to find the smallest woman he can to fuck to prove just "how big" his cock is? I even once heard a story of Sheryl Swoopes, a gigantic lesbian woman who just could not stay away from an average 6' tall white basketball coach from Cal-State Northridge. Perceptions must be real, right? Wrong.

Since you all, yes "you all", black Canaanite men place all white men in the category of "oppressors" and "racist", Today I will Place you:

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It is The Man who is willing to die who wins the fight. So...to death I go!

(Unless Prophet Isa returns)

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