Ex-Teacher Jeffrey Falk Guilty of Sex Crimes, Another Teacher Busted

Arrests of teachers for sex crimes is quite rare — but sometimes it doesn't seem like it.

Case in point: Jeffrey Falk, a veteran math teacher at ThunderRidge High, pleaded guilty to three sexual exploitation of a child counts committed after he stepped down from the school shortly before Kenyada Lattimore, a teacher at a Colorado Springs charter school, was busted on a charge of sexual assault against a juvenile.

When we reported about Falk's arrest back in September 2015, we noted that his grades on the RateMyTeacher website were mostly positive, but with a few caveats.

Here are some examples:
This guy is a great teacher. He is super cool and very approachable. He really cares for students. I have even seen him get involved outside of the classroom. But he is a math teacher and math is hard.

He's very fun and easy going but will make you work hard. As long as it's not a test day he will help you.

Falk is the best. If you do your homework you'll do fine on the tests.

Falk is a hard teacher, but he teaches well. My only complaint is that he makes you feel stoopid when you ask a question.

Doesn't help you in a understandable matter. Thinks he is the best. Always punches, hits or flicks you!
Students quizzed by CBS4 made similar comments, with one saying, “He was always inviting students to come have lunch, come hang out with him after school in his classroom for no academic reason just to hang out and be really friendly with students."

This proclivity became questionable after Falk, who taught at ThunderRidge from July 1995 to July 2014, was accused of these crimes on September 21....
Sexual Exploitation/child-induce/entice (F3)
Sexual Exploitation/child-sell/publish (F3)
Burglary 2-of Dwelling (F3)
Sex Exploit Child-video/20+ Items (F4)
Sex Exploit Child-video/20+ Items (F4)
Sex Exploit Child-video/20+ Items (F4)
Stalking-emotional Distress (F5)
Computer Crime-unauthorized Access (M2)
...supplemented by a second-batch of allegations on September 27:
Sexual Exploitation/child-induce/entice (F3)
Sex Exploit Child-video/20+ Items (F4)
Stalking-threat & Follow/contact/surveil (F5)
Computer Crime-unauthorized Access (M2)
Owing to the ages of the victims, the specifics of the matters have been mostly kept under wraps. However, 7News reports that the first case involved a camera with remote-access capability that Falk allegedly hid in one victim's home — and after the first reports of his activities, two more victims surfaced.

In the wake of Falk's aforementioned guilty pleas came word about the bust of Lattimore, who was employed at Ambassador Academy, a Colorado Springs charter school.

The Colorado Springs Police Department notes that an investigation into "a possible inappropriate relationship with a teacher and a juvenile victim" was launched on April 13, and the next day, Lattimore was busted for sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust.

The investigation is ongoing. If you have any information about what are described as "Mr. Lattimore's activities," you're encouraged to contact the Colorado Springs Police communications center at 719-444-7000.

Look below to see Lattimore's booking photos, followed by the aforementioned CBS4 report, originally broadcast last September.

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