Exorcise those demons: Watch how the Nuggets lost to the Lakers in the 1985 Western Conference finals

You've heard that people who don't pay attention to the past are doomed to repeat it? In that spirit, we present the video above, which does a fine job of synopsizing the Los Angeles Lakers' playoff-series victory over the Denver Nuggets in 1985, the last time the teams met in the NBA's Western Conference finals. Pretty much the only constant: The presence of Jack Nicholson, who looks a lot more than 24 years younger than he is now -- although, given that Mayor John Hickenlooper wants L.A. to hand him over should the Nuggets win this year's matchup, he's retained his value pretty well.

Of course, a number of important factors were beyond the Nuggets' control back then -- most importantly an injury to their key player, Alex English. But seeing the pressure the Nugs still managed to put on the Magic Johnson-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar "Showtime" Lakers, a squad that's gone down in league history as one of the most exciting assemblages of hardwood talent ever, should inspire confidence that Carmelo Anthony and company can actually top this year's less impressive crew -- and make a different kind of history for themselves.

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