EyeOnCop cameras, by Denver-based United Surveillance, watch the cops so you don't have to

Thanks to a string of alleged police-brutality incidents such as those involving Michael DeHerrera and Alex Landau, some Denverites may be feeling more nervous than ever about Denver cops. Such folks may want to consider the EyeOnCop video system, a new product developed by Denver-based United Surveillance designed keep an eye on officers when you get pulled over -- whether they do good stuff or bad.

"It seems like it's a rapidly growing problem," says Brian Corn, CEO of United Surveillance, about alleged police misconduct in the Denver area. That, plus a run-in with "an officer who was a complete jerk" when he was nineteen-years old, led Corn to develop the EyeOnCop video system, which records activity out your side window or windshield, such as officers coming up and asking you questions. "It's handy and it's really simple, and it's really easy to install," he says.

How much will such a system set you back? A windshield-mounted infrared camera rings in at $150, while a "pro" system costs $280. And if an officer asks you to get out of the car? EyeOnCop's video sports watch ($110) has got you covered.

Is all this a bit of an overkill? Probably. But considering the public consternation around Denver police as of late, Corn predicts his units are going to move quickly.

More from our Colorado Crimes archive: "Police misconduct: Denver ranks number one in terms of excessive force complaints."

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