Farts, mothers and stars decoded in City Council campaign yard signs: Kenny Be's Sign Language

Former District 1 City Councilor Rick Garcia was most famous for his uncanny ability to turn simple neighborhood problems into even bigger messes. His mid-second-term departure last month to take a job as the director of the regional Housing and Urban Development office is a case in point: It spawned a special election on May 4, 2010 to name his replacement. To make matters worse, all ten of the candidates vying for the District 1 City Council seat sound remarkably alike. Spoiler Alert! They all want safer neighborhoods, responsible zoning and better schools. As if!

The only way to tell these political hopefuls apart is by taking a long hard look, and reading between the lines of their campaign signs. A keen graphic artist's eye can readily see that many secret messages and hidden truths that are revealed in each of the candidates' choice of graphics and typography...

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Kenny Be
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